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The University of Verona was ranked the top and the best university in 2014, 2015, and 2016 and have varieties of programs. If you want to do Engineering/ Business Management/ Economics/ Medical fields, you’ll get the programs at the University of Verona. if we talk about, specifically Verona City. It’s just 2 hours away from Milan and Venice, so, it’s very close to Milan and Venice you can explore those places easily Verona is already a tourist spot itself because of William Shakespeare.

The University of Verona is a Public University founded in 1982. It’s an old university 22000 students are enrolled in this out of which 1800-2000 are International students if we talk about its employability ratio it’s 85 percent, which is very good for any university if we talk about the ranking of the University of Verona it’s between 800-1000 according to QS World Ranking, which is Very Good.

Departments in the University of Verona

If we talk about the University of Verona Departments. There are around 14 Departments available. Below is the List of all the Departments available at the University of Verona.

  1. Department of Business Administration
  2. Department of Computer Science
  3. Department of Law
  4. Department of Economics
  5. Department of Medicine
  6. Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
  7. Department of Humanities
  8. Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy, and Psychology
  9. Department of Political Science, Law, and International Studies
  10. Department of Biotechnology
  11. Department of Diagnostics and Public Health
  12. Department of Neurosciences, Biomedicine, and Movement Sciences
  13. Department of Science and Technology
  14. Department of Human Sciences

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Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs:

There are not many English-taught programs. There are 12-14 Bachelor’s Programs that you can see in the List down below, in the Master’s Program, there are a few more courses you’ll find like 9-10 Programs in Masters. The University of Verona is more famous for these courses.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Economics
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
  3. Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations
  4. Bachelor’s Degree in International Trade and Development Economics
  5. Bachelor’s Degree in Languages and Cultures for Tourism and International Commerce
  6. Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, International and Economic Studies
  7. Bachelor’s Degree in Public and Corporate Communication

Master Degree Programs:

  1. Master’s Degree in Business Administration
  2. Master’s Degree in Computer Science
  3. Master’s Degree in International Economics and Business Management
  4. Master’s Degree in Data Science
  5. Master’s Degree in Law and Economics of Insurance and Finance
  6. Master’s Degree in European and International Studies
  7. Master’s Degree in Biotechnology for Health and Food Production
  8. Master’s Degree in Neuroscience
  9. Master’s Degree in Marketing, Consumption, and Communication
  10. Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics

These are just a few examples of the English-taught Bachelor’s/ Master’s degree programs available at the University of Pavia. It’s important to note that program availability may vary each year, so it’s recommended to check the official website of the University of Verona.

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Admission Documents

When applying to the University of Verona, you will need the documents listed below. If you have all the required documents ready, the application process can be completed within 15-20 minutes. However, it may take the university approximately 30-40 working days to provide a response.

Here are the simplified instructions for applying to the University of Verona:

  1. Gather all the necessary documents.
  2. Complete the application within 15-20 minutes if you have all the required documents prepared.
  3. Please note that the university’s response may take around 30-40 working days.

It’s important to remember that this is just a general overview, and you should always refer to the official website or contact the University of Pavia directly for the most accurate and detailed information regarding the application process.

  • Passport and ID Card (PDF)
  • English Language Proficiency Letter (PDF)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Transcript of Records (PDF) – Degree – Mark Sheet – Certificates
  • University Diploma or Degree
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Letter of Recommendation (2 Letters)
  • Motivation Letter

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Scholarships and Tuition Fees

Let’s discuss the Tuition Fee. The range of tuition fees for Non-European students at the University of Verona is not going to be more than 1000 Euros that depends on the Income Document which can reduce by 200-1000 Euros Per Year.

Let’s talk about the important Scholarships, there are three scholarships offered by the University of Verona is the Erasmus Scholarship they are available for students with low family income or merit students you can apply for these deadlines are different for each scholarship generally, the regional scholarship is a collaboration between the university and the Italian government the deadline for that is September so, before September you have to do the application of scholarship for the university you can get the amount of up to 5200 Euros.

Accommodation and Part-Time Jobs Opportunity

If we talk about the accommodation here, the shared and private rooms are available at the University of Verona’s residency which will cost you around 200 euros depending on you, whether you want to take outside or here and the living expenses in Verona will cost you around 350-400 Euros Per Month that will include all your expenses.

If we discuss the part-time jobs which are very crucial here at the University of Verona you’ll get student collaboration through which you can earn part-time, by collaborating with the university and you can find tutor jobs here as well as a student, you have to find the other opportunities you can be a tourist guide here if you want or you can work as a delivery person there are many options through which you can easily earn around 400-800 Euros Per Month.

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