University of Turin – Study Visa, Courses, Fees, and Documents

In today’s post, we will discuss, if you want to study at the University of Turin, what are the Tuition Fees, Scholarship Opportunities, English-Taught Programs, and the Admission Process. I will also mention the Part-Time Jobs and Accommodation Opportunities as well.

So make sure you watch the whole post till the end If you want to study at the University of Turin. So, If we specifically talk about the university the University of Turin is a very Reputable University. The QS Ranking of this University is 425, and it ranks Under 500 the Education Standards of this University are quite good, thanks to its Ranking.

Department in University of Turin:

This is a public university so there are many Scholarship Opportunities Also, more than 80,000 students have been enrolled in this university If we talk about its foundation, then it was established in 1404 so, the university is quite old. There are more than 27 Departments at the University of Turin that are situated at different locations.

  1. Agriculture, Forest and Food Science
  2. Chemistry
  3. Clinical and Biological Science
  4. Computer Science
  5. Culture, Politics and Society
  6. Drug Science and Technology
  7. Earth Science
  8. Economics and Statistics
  9. Foreign Languages, Literature and Modern Culture
  10. Historical Studies
  11. Humanities
  12. Law
  13. Life Science and System Biology
  14. Management
  15. Mathematics
  16. Medical
  17. Science
  18. Neuroscience
  19. Oncology
  20. Molecular Biotechnology and Health Science
  21. Philosophy and Education Science
  22. Physics
  23. Psychology
  24. Science of Public Health
  25. Surgical Science
  26. Veterinary Science
  27. Regional and Urban Studies

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Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs:

If we talk about the English-taught programs at the University of Turin, there are two available Bachelor’s Programs taught in English as you can see on the screen and there are more than 15 Master’s Programs available, as you can see in the list below. If you want to pursue MBBS, then there’s one MBBS program available that is taught in English.

  1. Business and Management
  2. Global Law and Legal Studies
  1. Area and Global Studies
  2. Biotechnology and Chemical Science
  3. Business Administration
  4. Cellular and Molecular Biology
  5. Cultural Heritage and Creative for Tourism
  6. Economics
  7. European Legal Studies
  8. Language Technology and Digital Humanities
  9. Material Science
  10. Molecular Biotechnology
  11. Quantitative Finance and Insurance
  12. Data Science
  13. Economics Analysis and Policy
  14. Biotechnology for Neuroscience
  15. Digital Skills for Sustainable Societal Transition

So, this University offers multiple Programs, that’s why you can apply at the University of Turin. If we talk specifically about admission then the admission call for the University of Turin starts from January to April of Every Year.

Admission Requirements at the University of Turin

So, you will need to apply in this time frame as a Non-European Student. If we talk about the admission fee then it’s 50 Euros and one important thing to remember is that the reserved quota for the Non-EU Students is Very Limited. So be aware while applying that courses are also very limited. If we talk about the requirements then you need 12 Years of Education, if you’re applying for a Bachelor’s Program and you need 15 Years of Education if you’re applying for a Master’s Program.

For Language Requirements, you will need a B2-Level English Proficiency like TOEFL or IELTS in which you need to score the specified bands of at least 5.5 Score. If you do not have any of these certificates In that case, you can apply by preparing an English “Medium of Instruction” Certificate. If we talk about the Percentage needed you need to have obtained at least 60%.

Admission Documents

If we talk about the documents required you can see the list of all the required documents in the list below, while applying for any course you’re free to choose a maximum of two courses at the time of application which will also increase your chances to get admission.

  1. Passport and ID Card (PDF)
  2. English Language Proficiency Letter
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. Transcript of Records (PDF) – Degree – Mark Sheet – Certificates
  5. Passport Size Photo
  6. Letter of Recommendation (2 Letters)
  7. Motivation Letter
  8. Skype ID

Scholarships and Tuition Fees

If we talk about the Tuition Fee, for International Students it ranges between 1300-2700 Euros, and for Italian students, it is around 2800 Euros, but there’s a catch your tuition fee can be waived by two things.

Firstly, through the Scholarship and Secondly, as soon as you arrive, you need to prepare an Income Certificate which is also known as an ISEE value based on which, you get a complete Fee Reduction all you have to pay is the Regional Tax which is around 156 Euros only, so this was all about the Tuition Fees.

Generally, in all the Italian universities the Tuition Fees are never mentioned clearly because If you are not Financially Stable and your Family Income is Low So, in that case, your Tuition Fee is getting completely waived.

If we talk about Scholarships, the most easier to get a Scholarship at the University of Turin is the EDISU PIEDMONT Scholarship which has a lot of benefits such as the Tuition Fee Waiver, Accommodation Facilities, Canteen Services and If I talk about Cash Amount, then it is somewhere around 6900 Euros. So these are all the benefits of this scholarship which is a regional and merit-based scholarship.

Accommodation and Part-Time Jobs Opportunity

If we talk specifically about the city then Turin is a really Rich City, where you’ll find numerous Palaces and Museums so, you’ll get a great environment I personally liked this city so far If we talk about the Part-Time jobs so you can work part-time for 4 hours a day i.e. 20 Hours a Week with which, you can easily earn 400-500 Euros a month. As a student, you can find Jobs at Restaurants, Hotels, as well as Delivery Jobs.

If we talk about accommodation there are three types of accommodation here i.e. in University, private apartments, and shared apartments All three cost differently as you can see on the screen In general, you can find nice accommodation for around 300-500 Euros.

So, guys, this was all about the University of Turin. I hope I covered every single thing If you have any doubts regarding the application process or scholarship or after arrival then you can mention them in the comments below and I’ll try my best to answer them.

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