University of Pisa – Study Visa, Courses, Fees, and Documents

So, in today’s post, you will learn about the University of Pisa, the Tuition Fees, Scholarships, Part-Time Job Opportunities, Accommodation, English-Taught Programs, Application Calls, Application Fees, and every single thing, if you want to study at the University of Pisa.

So, for starters, the University of Pisa is situated in a beautiful location, There is the Arno River and at the back, there is the Leaning Tower of Pisa as you see in many images. It is situated just behind the university So, so you can simply walk to it.

The University of Pisa is a Public University, It was established in 1343 So, so it was established in the 13th century and it’s quite old, since it is a Public University, you can get various Scholarship Opportunities. The QS Ranking of University of Pisa is 388. So since it’s under 500, it’s quite good Universities that lie under 1000 are usually the best Until now, more than 50,000 students have been enrolled in the University of Pisa.

Departments in University of Pisa

If we talk about the University of Pisa Departments. There are around 19 Departments available.

  1. Department of Biology
  2. Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry
  3. Department of Civilizations and Forms of Knowledge
  4. Department of Economics and Management
  5. Department of Philology, Literature and Linguistics
  6. Department of Physics
  7. Department of Law
  8. Department of Computer Science
  9. Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering
  10. Department of Energy, Systems. Territory, and Construction Engineering
  11. Department of Information Engineering
  12. Department of Mathematics
  13. Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
  14. Department of Surgical, Medical and Molecular Pathology and Critical Care Medicine
  15. Department of Translational Research and of New Surgical and Medical Technologies
  16. Department of Agricultural, Food and Agro-Environmental Sciences
  17. Department of Geosciences
  18. Department of Political Sciences
  19. Department of Veterinary Sciences

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Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs:

If we talk about the English-taught Programs at the University of Pisa for a Bachelor’s Degree, you only have two programs; for a Master’s, you have more than 16 Programs available. So, more Programs are available for Master’s as compared to Bachelor’s. So, you will need to appear for the TOLC exam to apply for the Bachelor’s Program

Bachelor’s Degree Programs:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities – IPH (IELTS required)
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Management for Business and Economics(TOLC E required)

Master Degree Programs:

  1. Master in Aerospace Engineering
  2. Master in Ancient Egypt and Western Asia
  3. Master in Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering
  4. Master in Bionics Engineering
  5. Master in Biotechnologies and Applied Artificial Intelligence for Health
  6. Master in Computer Engineering
  7. Master in Computer Science
  8. Master in Computer Science and Networking
  9. Master in Cybersecurity
  10. Master in Data Science and Business Informatics
  11. Master in Economics
  12. Master in Exploration and Applied Geophysics
  13. Master in Materials and Nanotechnology
  14. Master in Neuroscience
  15. Master in Nuclear Engineering
  16. Master in Technology

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Admission Requirements at the University of Pisa

If we talk about its Admission Process. So, the admission call starts from December to June Actually, University of Pisa opens three calls for admission so you have three options to apply and the best part is that you don’t have to pay any Application Fees, It’s Completely Zero and Free of Cost for you to apply.

All you have to check is for which Course, the Application call has begun If we talk specifically about the Requirements, The requirements are not very hard to meet you need 12 Years of Education if you’re applying for a Bachelor’s Program and 15 Years of Education if you’re applying for a Master’s Program.

The second requirement is the Language Requirement you will need a B2-level English proficiency Nowadays, every university asks for B2-level proficiency from students If we talk about the third requirement you need to obtain a minimum of 60% to get admitted although, admission is generally granted to students with scores of 70-75%

Admission Documents

So, while Applying to the University of Pisa you will need all of these Documents you can see in the List below, and you can apply within 15-20 Minutes if you have all the documents prepared the university may take up to 30-40 working days to give a response.

  • Passport and ID Card (PDF)
  • English Language Proficiency Letter (PDF)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Transcript of Records (PDF) – Degree – Mark Sheet – Certificates
  • University Diploma or Degree
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Letter of Recommendation (2 Letters)
  • Motivation Letter

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Scholarships and Tuition Fees

If we talk about the Tuition Fee, It ranges between 300-3000 Euros for International Students, by the way, I also mention in almost every one of my posts that this tuition fee gets waived for you in two ways. First, it gets completely waived through the Scholarship.

Second, after arriving, you prepare an Income Document which is also known as the ISEE waive your Tuition Fee is reduced to Zero through that as well. All you have to pay is the Regional Tax and that’s it

If we talk about the Scholarship provided here, the Scholarship of this Region is called the DSU TOSCANA Scholarship. So, through this scholarship, you get the Accommodation Benefit, Canteen Services, Tuition Fees waiver as well as receive up to 4,000 Euros in cash amount in your bank account there are certain procedures for this which I will specify once the scholarship application process has begun.

Accommodation and Part-Time Jobs Opportunity

If we talk about the city specifically. This city is quite exquisite there is a river in this city and obviously, it is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites So there are many tourists that visit this city and because of that, there are various Part-Time Jobs opportunities such as Delivery Jobs, Restaurant Work, because these jobs are in demand because of this city’s tourism sector you can easily earn around 400-500 Euros per Month through Part-Time Jobs.

If I talk about accommodation there are three types of accommodation, as you can see on the screen University accommodation, private apartments, and shared apartments the prices of all three are mentioned here and you can easily manage your daily expenses with your part-time earnings and you also receive the scholarship amount so even when you’re not working part-time, you can somehow manage your expenses

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