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Today we are going to talk about the University of Genoa. Now, in this post, you guys are going to learn about the tuition fees of the University of Genoa, the Scholarships, the Admission Requirements for English-taught Programs, Part-time Jobs, Accommodation, and single things if you want to Study at Genoa University.

So, if we specifically talk about the University of Genoa, it’s a public university which is located in the Beautiful City of Genoa and you will also get various Scholarships you can have a good time here because Genoa is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites so it is a popular tourist spot and it’s a very beautiful city as far as I have explored.

The University of Genoa was established in 1481 and ranks 601 in the QS Ranking. So, the university is quite great It lies under the 1000 rankings and more than 3000 international students have enrolled in it.

Department in University of Genoa:

If we talk specifically talk about the departments there are more than 11 Departments available here that are listed down below:

  1. Engineering
  2. Architecture and Design
  3. Medicine
  4. Law
  5. Economics
  6. Mathematics/ Physics
  7. Philosophy
  8. Medicine and Surgery
  9. Educational Science
  10. Political Science
  11. Pharmacy

Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs:

There are around 17 English-taught programs. If we talk about the Bachelor’s Program, then there is only one English-taught program available i.e., Maritime Science and Technology, and the Master’s Program are listed below:

  1. Architectural Composition
  2. Computer Science
  3. Engineering
  4. Engineering for Natural Risk Management
  5. Safety Engineering
  6. Internet and Multimedia Engineering
  7. Energy Engineering
  8. Computer Engineering
  9. Robotics Engineering
  10. Yacht Design
  11. Environmental Engineering
  12. Economics and Data Science
  13. Information Technology
  14. Medicine Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

There are various English-Taught Master’s Programs available at the University of Genoa, we have an Admission Timeline to Apply for these Master’s programs which are, February to May and the best part is that, at Genoa University you don’t have to pay any Applicable Fees that are the best part to apply, visit the university website and start applying the call is open now! if you wish, you can Apply Now!

Admission Requirements at the University of Genoa

So, if we talk about the Admission Requirements you must have obtained a Minimum Score of 60-70% to get admission to Genoa University the second requirement is to have a B2-level of English Proficiency as you can see on the screen you can appear for the IELTS or TOEFL exams or apply by attaching the ‘Medium of Instructions‘ certificate the third requirement is, as I said, you need to have at least 60% as well as 12 Years of Education, in case you’re applying for a Bachelor’s Program and you need to have 15 Years of Education if you’re applying for a Master’s Program these are some of the Basic Requirements.

Admission Documents

If we talk about the Admission Documents you can see all the documents on the screen you will need all these documents while applying.

  1. Passport and ID Card (PDF)
  2. English Language Proficiency Letter
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. Transcript of Records (PDF) – Degree – Mark Sheet – Certificates
  5. Passport Size Photo
  6. Recommendation Letter (2 Letters)
  7. Motivation Letter
  8. Skype ID

Scholarships and Tuition Fees

Now, let’s talk about Scholarships and Tuition Fees, If we talk about tuition fees first, the thing is Tuition Fees can range up to 3,000 Euros but again, as I always mention in my posts, Italian universities do not have any fixed Tuition Fees. The tuition fees keep changing here and that change depends upon your Family Income and the Scholarship.

If you get a Scholarship, then your tuition fees will be completely Waived, and if your family income is low, then your tuition fees will be reduced or in some cases, the tuition fees may be reduced to zero sometimes, you only need to pay the regional taxes.

If we talk about Scholarships, then this University comes under the Liguria region so, so the scholarship of this region is known as ALISEO Scholarship so, you will need to apply for the Aliseo scholarship the benefits of this scholarship are:

  • Tuition Fees Waiver
  • Accommodation
  • Canteen Services
  • 6100 Euros in your Bank Account (Annually)

Accommodation at the University of Genoa

If we talk about the Accommodation, So, Genoa is obviously a very good city so, the accommodation may be a bit costly you have three options, which are University Hostels which cost around 200-500 Euros, Private Apartments which cost around 400-800 Euros and Shared Apartments which cost around 300-500 Euros.

Part-Time Job Opportunities

Now, let’s talk specifically about Part-Time Job Opportunities. If we talk about Genoa, as I mentioned at the start This city comes under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. So the Tourism industry is quite flourished here and a country with better tourism or a city with better tourism that place also has ample job opportunities specifically for International Students.

So you can get a job as a Delivery Boy/ Girl or work at a Restaurant or even work on ports as a part-time worker you can work 20 hours a week and you can earn between 400-500 Euros Per Month with which, you can easily manage your Living Expenses while simultaneously receiving the scholarship amount So, this was the complete scenario of the University of Genoa I hope you liked today’s post.

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