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How to Build a Modern Design Interactive Excel Dashboard in Excel (Hindi/ Urdu)

In this Comprehensive Video, we have discussed and built an entire Interactive Excel Dashboard from Stract to help you learn how to Design an Excel Dashboard with the Pivot Table functionality. We haven’t used any Complex Excel Formulas or Coding. Everything is done through Excel Pivot Tables, simple drag and drop. 🙂

Download Video Practice Files:

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If you’re an Analyst and working for an Organization, then Developing Interactive Dashboards is a crucial part of your skill since most of the Decision making made by the Organization are depend on the Data Analysis you provide them. If you’re thinking about presenting just the Numbers directly to the Management without any Visualization then you’re literally in a tough spot.

Presenting just the Number doesn’t really help you understand what’s really going on. It’s complex and hard to understand. Look at this Data for example. ⬇⬇⬇

  • Atlantic $2,000,651
  • Northwest Territories $783,938
  • Nunavut $113,260
  • Ontario $3,022,360
  • Prarie $2,800,970
  • Quebec $1,482,363
  • West $3,557,753
  • Yukon $979,252

This Data reflex the Total Sales that occurred in different Regions. The only thing that I can understand from it is that West Zone is having the Highest Sales while Nunavut is struggling in Last Spot. While this insight was informative but it still doesn’t provide the Complete Picture, many Insights are missing:

  • How Long the difference is between the Highest and Lowest Sales?
  • Where are other Regions Standing compared to the Highest Sales Region?

No Doubt you can Answer these Questions with Additional Calculations, but believe me, that will just make things more complex further. Here’s when Visualization Skills can come in Handy. Now just look at this Visual representation of this Data. ⬇⬇⬇

image 1

As you can see in the Graph above that so many insights are available just at a Glance. We can see that the Gap between the Highest and Lowest Region Sales is way too much which could conclude that Operations in that Region are not going really smoothly and immediate action is required. Further West, Ontario, and Pararie are the Top 3 Region of Revenue Sources for Organizations. Quebec, Yukon, Northwest, and Nunavut are not performing well and required more attention and analysis to investigate the exact reasons for Low Sales.

See, all this information was extracted just at a Glance on the Chart, instead of Looking at the Numbers. This is the reason why the Organization prefers Data Visualization over just simple Analysis. Creating an Interactive Dashboard simply means combining various related Charts on a Single Page which can deliver the Complete Picture of the Organization’s Achievements and Failures with detailed Reasoning.

Hope you would Enjoy it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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